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Bike cover that can be folded and locked on bike itself – Designed by engineer (Video)

Made of Rubber Coated Nylon Taffeta, this motorcycle cover called the Bike Blazer, is an all weather protector, acting as a shield against heat, rain and theft. It is designed by a 22 year old engineer who doesn’t ride a bike himself, but is aware of every bikers need to protect his machine.

The bike cover is available in three sizes, color options of Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Black and Dual colors and fits on every brand and every model of motorcycles on sale in the country from city bikes to large cruiser bikes.

It is easily mountable and comes with stretchable loops to affix it into place. The cover is stored in a round plastic contraption fixed to the sari guard on the rear wheel. The rotating device has a handle to roll open the bike cover. The bike cover is well designed to protect every part of the bike and fits snugly over handles and mirrors. Strong rope and stretchable loops keep the cover in place.

Keshav Rai, the designer of the bike cover says that he came upon the idea while sitting at metro station, where he used to see almost every biker cleaning their bike before getting on. He thought of this idea, and perfected it in the form of Bike Blazer. Watch the video below for better understanding.

Once done, the bike cover can be made into a rope and rewound back into place. If the cover is torn, the entire contraption need not be changed. The fabric is replaceable and fits back into its rotating disc. The device comes with an anti theft lock.

Bike Blazer has been patented by Delhi based startup Cyton MV Pvt Ltd, and the cost of Bike Blazer is from about Rs 700 per piece. The manufacturers confirm an 8 month warranty and a lifecycle of 10,000 rotations under favorable test conditions.

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