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BharatBenz Launches India’s First 5228TT on a 4×2 Tractor

Unveiled earlier this year in January at BharatBenz’s BSVI Premiere, the 52 Tonner 5228TT Model has been launched in the Indian market

With its all new 4×2 tractor configuration, the 5228TT offers a range of benefits including lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) and highest GCW (gross combined weight). The heavy-duty tractor-trailer has been designed for a range of high-volume applications such as market load, cement, parcel, tankers, and tip trailers.

Talking about the company’s next-gen tractor-trailer, Mr Rajaram Krishnamurthy, vice president marketing & sales and customer services at Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) said that the 5228TT model has set new benchmarks in the tractor-trailer segment. With 5228TT, customers can increase their revenue, reduce fuel consumption, and benefit from improved safety and connectivity features.

One of the key highlights of 5228TT model is that it has the highest GCW possible for a 4×2 tractor. 5228TT can carry up to 54 tons depending on the type of suspension used. For example, when equipped with a pure mechanical suspension, the GCW turns out to be 51 tons. This combination is most suitable for carrying loads in off-road terrains. 5228TT can reach its max GCW of 54 tons when equipped with an air suspension. This combination will be preferred for road-long haul applications.

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Another key advantage of 5228TT is that it offers the same mileage as that of a 6×4 tractor. As compared to its 55 ton counterpart, the 5228TT model utilizes four less tyres. All these benefits will naturally result in significant savings for 5228TT owners.

One of the primary factors contributing to 5228TT’s low TCO and high GCW is the vehicle’s unique axle configuration. The next-gen tractor-trailer utilizes a hub reduction axle and is built on a sturdier frame, which allows it to achieve a high load bearing capacity similar to that of a 6×4 tractor. This combination also ensures reduced fuel consumption.

BharatBenz 5228TT is powered by a OM 926 BS6 280 HP engine that generates max torque of 1100 Nm. It is mated to a 9-speed gearbox. The vehicle can carry 455 litres of fuel and has a top speed of 80 kmph. 5228TT is 6063 mm long, 2490 mm wide and has a wheelbase of 3600 mm. Ground clearance stands at 304 mm. The vehicle is equipped with hydraulic power assisted steering wheel. GCW can be optimized when used with a three-axle trailer.

5228TT comes with several updated features that are part of the new BharatBenz range. The unique front grille design and prominent bumper spoiler contribute to the truck’s dominating profile. On the inside, 5228TT is equipped with air suspended seats that ensure optimal comfort on the longest journeys. Other key features include soft cruise control and gear shift advisory on the instrument cluster. 5228TT also has advanced connectivity tech named ‘Truckonnect’ that offers a range of features including fleet analytics.

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