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BharatBenz trucks 1 year in India, Marc Llistosella speaks


Daimler commercial vehicle’s mark a strong first year in India with BharatBenz trucks. Gaining a stronghold here, a great deal has been achieved with more to come. Progress comes with product portfolio, and dealership network expansion. The advancement made in India is in tandem with the larger ‘Asia Business Model’.

BharatBenzA year after BharatBenz trucks were launched in the Indian market, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) highlights this past years activities. On September 26, 2012, Daimler AG’s wholly owned subsidiary, BharatBenz, a truck brand especially designed for India, began sales with three heavy-duty trucks for long haulage and the construction sector from 25 to 31 tonnes. Light and medium duty trucks sales in the 9 to 12 tonne segment began in February 2013.

Despite a difficult economic backdrop, BharatBenz progressed to 4th place in India’s ranking of new truck registrations in 2013 Q2. 5,000+ BharatBenz trucks have rolled off the assembly line. 17 models are scheduled to become available by 2014, of which 9 models have been launched to date. DICV uses and promotes synergies of the global Daimler Trucks network in the Asia Business Model framework here. Under Daimler Trucks Asia, 2 subsidiaries, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) and DICV strive to better their stand in growth markets. In May 2013, FUSO trucks for export markets in Asia and Africa rolled off the Chennai assembly plant.

“In as little as twelve months, we have gained a foothold on the Indian market and lived up to our brand promise ‘Power Ahead’”, sums up Marc Llistosella, Managing Director and CEO of DICV, on the occasion of a Chennai-located event celebrating the first market anniversary. “We will work just as powerfully in the upcoming months to further expand our product portfolio as well as our dealership network.”

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