Biker beats depression by taking a solo road trip to Bhutan – An Inspiring Story

Tariq Shakeel was battling acute depression. Instead of giving in to the depression and going into hiding, he decided to go on a solo road trip on his Bajaj Avenger. Here he explains how the road trip not only helped him cure his depression, but also made him upbeat about life.

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I am a motorbiking enthusiast based in Delhi. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I was suffering from acute depression. I had the option to surrender myself to the situation or fight it out. I choose the later and started combating by cruising through the world’s happiest country – Kingdom Of Bhutan.

Bhutan is a motor biker paradise. I covered across Bhutan starting From West to East on a solo motorbike trip from Delhi to Delhi in 14 days. I explored many remote valleys where normal tourists don’t go. Where roads hardly exist and are full of challenges due to rain mud and slush. Experienced a rich culture, Ate local cuisines, danced with the natives. This was a life transforming journey for me, and I learned how to combat depression by traveling or riding.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Tariq Shakeel, 28 now, I am into finance and accounting and a freelance tutor, who is chasing his passion and turning out in a full time traveller. For me travelling and photography co-exist. Photographs are the best memories I can create. I can relate easily to nature – mountains, forests, rivers, rains always excites me. Nature is pure mysterious and always giving. And so I am.

Chele le pass

When did you first start biking?

My dad used to own a Rajdoot when I was a kid. Since my childhood days, my dad used to take me along on long bike trips, which encouraged me to take a step further and start riding at a young age. I still remember my feet cant reach the ground when I started riding Rajdoot bike. I was almost 15 then. Biking has always been an integral part of my life.

Yaks in Phobjhikha
The Heidi Land

Tell us about your bikes?

The first bike, which I purchased, was Yamaha Libero. Although I would like to own a Triumph Tiger, but for the time being I like to ride Bajaj Avenger due to its long ride comfort and KTM Duke at times because of its raw power. I chose Avenger bike for this trip because it has been with me since years. I know this bike in and out, it never ditched me. So the main reason is high reliability and excellent cruise comfort.

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