BIC Time Trial – Open Track Day on February 22, 2015

At Buddh International Circuit on the day, car fanatics can enjoy each session of freedom on the asphalt for Rs. 5,000, that lasts 45 minutes, and bike nuts can do the same for Rs. 4,000.

Mercedes BIC
Entrants must hold valid driving licence.
Registrations for BIC Time Trial / Open Track Day are currently open. Due do limited capacity / entry, advance booking must be done to ensure your date with the machine becomes possible on the track. Advance payment must be sent to Jaypee Sports International Ltd. to confirm the slot.

Those who bring cars must make sure to wear full-sleeve shirts, long pants, closed shoes, seat belts and helmets while using the track, and that includes other occupants as well (if any). Guests will not be charged.

Bikers are required to wear fully armoured riding suit, gloves, boots and full-faced helmet with proper visor (ISI specification or Snell approved). Pillion is not allowed on the circuit.

As usual, the vehicles will have to pass BIC‘s technical inspection before entering the track.