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Traffic cop orders to load biker along with his bike into tempo – Video

Pune is home to the largest number of two wheelers in the country. Obviously, parking is an issue in the city. To make sure that parking is in order, there are the infamous vans, which are always on the lookout for vehicles (especially two wheelers), which are not parked in the correct spot.

If you ride / drive regularly in the city of Pune, you will possibly be able to get a better picture of the situation that is created when a towing van and the people inside lay eyes on a vehicle that is not in the correct parking spot.

There have been situations where those in the towing van, and the owner of the bike are in a race to get to the vehicle. The first one to reach to the vehicle, wins – an unspoken rule. If the owner of the vehicle reaches, it will not be towed, but if the towing van people reach first, your vehicle will be towed.

What happens when both reach about the same time? Probably a long argument, and at the end of it, if no solution is met, this is what happens.

The video above was shot in Viman Nagar, near Lunkad Plaza. The biker refused to get down of his bike as he said that the bike was no longer parked in no parking as he was sitting on it. The cop on the other hand, said that the bike was confiscated from no parking when no one was there.

It was only after the owner of the bike saw the towing van, he came running to his bike and sat on it. As he refused to get down his bike, the cop ordered the helpers to tow the bike, as well as the biker. Senior Police officials from the City are investigating the issue. More details will be revealed later.

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