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MRF FMSCI Bike rally organizer slapped, manhandled by an arrogant cop – Video

Over 50 national level bikers taking part in the MRF Mogrip FMSCI Indian National Rally Championships faced the ire of one arrogant cop who was caught on video slapping and manhandling the organizer.

A video has been posted online, which clearly shows police inspector M Gangadhar assaulting race organizer Mazdayar K. The cop is also heard abusing the rally organizer. The reason cops acted this way? They are claiming that the bikers were doing 150 kmph. Really? Like are you for real Mr Gangadhar? Those 150 cc bikes were doing 150 kmph on those broken village roads?

This rally was organized on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Those who rally in these parts, would tell you that it is not possible to do half the speeds of what the cops claimed during most of the part of the rally.

However, the police allege that the bikers traveled along village roads in Thippaiguda at such high speeds that it frightened local villagers. The villagers tried to stop the bikers but they sped on at speeds above 150 kmph due to which the villagers contacted the police.

In addition to this, the cops say that they did not have permission to conduct the rally. When the fact is that the organizer had taken all due permissions. In fact, one of the senior cops had even accompanied the organizer to the rally venue a few days ago before giving final clearance.

On top of this madness, a case has been registered by the cops and all bikes taken into custody. The participants claim that the police even threw rocks at them to try and stop the rally.

This was the fifth round of Indian National Rally Championships, one of the country’s leading motorsport events held on September 11, 2016 in Hyderabad. The organizers claim they had the necessary permissions as is the common rule with an FMSCI regulated event.

They had also taken all safety precautions not only for the riders but also for everyone around it. It was organized outside city limits as is the general practice for such events while Mazdayar stated that it was only a small section of the track that was under the jurisdiction of the Manchal Police Station that was the reason for this issue. Mazdayar has been booked under section 189 of Motor Vehicle Act.

All 50 bikers were kept in remand at the police station till 9-30. Most bikers, who had come from different parts of India, had either missed their fight, or lost their will to rally again, thanks to the sorry state of motorsports in India.

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