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Biker does 360 flip to land on roof of car after accident (Video)

Biker does 360 flip to land on roof of car after accident

Quick thinking or a stroke of luck allowed a biker in Belarus to be saved of serious injury when he accidently rammed his Suzuki bike into the rear end of a BMW car while travelling on the streets in the city of Mogilyov. A dashcam video has captured the entire series of events and high action drama that took place in a matter of 50 seconds.

Biker does 360 flip to land on roof of car after accidentThe biker was travelling at a speed of about 85 kmph when he collided with a much slower BMW car as they travelled over the Dnieper River. The BMW driver had just switched lanes. The impact was so great that what would have been certain injury for the biker actually saw the biker go head over heels, right over the handlebars and onto the roof of the car, landing safely on his feet.

A video of the agile biker and action that followed looks more like a scene straight out of an action movie, but instead happened in real life. Local media in Belarus have reported the incident with a video shot on July 30 but only published on August 19.

The drama did not end here as a second motorcycle hit a Citroen car as it broke speed to avoid the wreckage caused by the first biker. Both bikers emerged from what could have been a near fatal accident with only minor injuries. However the first biker is in more trouble than he thought as investigations reveal that he did not have a license to ride motorcycle.


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