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Biker fined for not wearing seat belt in Goa

Riding a two wheeler without a seat belt could now be a traffic offence that attracts a fine!!


A Bullet rider in Goa’s Ponda district had a brush with the law for ‘not wearing a seatbelt’ while riding a Bullet. He was challaned by the Goa Police and the accompanying challan is proof of this error.

Bullet rider Satish S Naik was on his Bullet – GA 05 K 2432, opposite Agarim Police Station on 7th June 2017 at 17.55 hrs when he was stopped by a traffic constable. He was charged with not wearing a helmet and was fined INR 100 for the crime but challan issued to him listed the offence under section 129 of Motor Vehicle Act as ‘Riding without Seatbelt’. See the copy of the challan below.

While this seems just a type, and nothing more, the traffic cop on duty probably meant riding without helmet (as bikes do not have seat belts). However, riding without a helmet in India is now punishable under law. It has been made compulsory in Goa since the law was passed in April 2015 and though it mandatory for all riders of two wheelers to wear helmets, pillion riders are exempted from this rule. The local traffic authorities have appealed to the public to wear helmets for their own safety.

The RTO has also stated that wearing of helmets should not only be because of this regulation where riders wear helmets out of fear of being stopped by the traffic cop or RTO officials, but riders should value their own safety and wear helmets which could in times of accidents actually be a life saver.

Studies have proved that wearing helmets reduces chances of head injuries by as much as 70% thereby increasing chances of survival also by 70%. This helmet rule by the Goa government is an effort to comply with the central government’s directives to all states to reduce road accidents by 50% during the decade 2010-2020. However, without public participation, this aim will continue to remain a distant dream.