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Biker rescues pug from road – Needs help to find the owner

Amrit works with a startup, Autogrid mobility. Riding his KTM RC 390, while returning home on Saturday night, he saw a pug in the middle of the road in front of Saudagar hotel, near Kunal icon, Pune. Obvious reaction. Biker rescues pug. He stopped riding to get a grip on the situation and looked back at the pug, and this time she (pug) was almost hit by a car. He parked his bike, and plucked her from the middle of the road to safety.

In his words, “By now I was boiling out of anger for owner’s carelessness. I was looking for the owner but nobody came to claim her. At first look, I felt she must have got in a dog fight or must have been in some accident because she had blood on her body. I was waiting for the owner. Looking at her condition others also made enquiries. I started googling for a vet or any animal rescue which might be open for an emergency case. I asked my friend who owns pets. He told me to take her home since nobody will be open now. I posted pics on various Facebook groups asking if somebody knows the owner. I got her home. I gave her milk and water. She slept soon after. It seemed like she was having a sleep after a long time. She was tired.”

On Sunday most vets are on leave, so, there were limited options for the him. Amrit rode to a pet supplies shop and asked if any vet will be available now. The pet store called Dr. Madhvi. Her clinic is near Govind garden. Despite the veterinary being shut she reached her clinic in an hour and treated the pug. The vet suggested she is suffering from an allergic reaction on her face, and has been in this condition for long. The owner might not have taken care. It will take a while to heal and the pug will be on medication for a long term.

Two theories come to mind after this kind biker rescues pug. She might have been abandoned by the owner because she started looking like she does now, or because the treatment is going to be a bit costly because of diet. The vet said she is clean and not been on the streets for long. The second theory is she might have been lost. However, there is no collar, which could be because she has wounds on her neck. Hoping for the second theory to be true, and she finds her owner.

Amrit says, “It is heartbreaking that some individuals own pets to show off and when they are sick, they abandon them on the roads. For some time she will be with me, till she recovers from her wounds. Then I will think what to do next.”

So, what happens after biker rescues pug? Well, Amrit is still awaiting leads to unite the animal with its family. If you know this pug, or know where it belongs, please connect with Amrit at 7020652866 / 9766605509.

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