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First biker was fined for not wearing seat belt – Now car driver is fined for not wearing helmet

A few months ago, a strange case had been reported. ABullet rider in Goa’s Ponda district had a brush with the law for ‘not wearing a seatbelt’ while riding a Bullet. He was challaned by the Goa Police and the accompanying challan is proof of this error.

Bullet rider Satish S Naik was on his Bullet – GA 05 K 2432, opposite Agarim Police Station on 7th June 2017 at 17.55 hrs when he was stopped by a traffic constable. He was charged with not wearing a helmet and was fined INR 100 for the crime but challan issued to him listed the offence under section 129 of Motor Vehicle Act as ‘Riding without Seatbelt’. See the copy of the challan below.

Now, another similar incident has come to light. This time from Rajasthan. India Today reports that Vishnu Sharma was driving his Maruti van from Agra to Bharatpur. He was stopped by a local cop near Chikasna Police station. He was issued a challan by the cop, for not wearing a helmet. Yes. Below is a copy of the receipt.

Vishnu was made to pay Rs 200 for not wearing helmet while driving a car. And now, whenever Vishnu is driving a car, he makes sure that he wears a helmet. “I wear the helmet while I drive so that I’m not issued any more challans,” Sharma said.

A senior Bharatpur police official claimed he was not aware of the incident. “No such thing has come to my knowledge so far. If it does, then we will investigate,” Suresh Kumar Khinchi, additional Superintendent of Police, Bharatpur.

Both these challans have happened by mistake and nothing more. The traffic cop on duty meant riding without helmet (as bikes do not have seat belts) in the first case, whereas in the second case, the cop probably meant do not drive without seatbelt.

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