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Bikers beaten, bikes thrashed by mob after an accident resulted in the death of a child

This morning saw many riding group members around Bangalore receive a cautionary message. It warned riders from riding towards Chikkballapur. At the Bullali junction near Nandi Upachar, a rider had come in contact with a child on the highway. With the child (an 11 year old girl) dead, villagers took the highway in huge numbers and targeted every rider using the highway on both sides of the carriageway.

The message was sent forward by a rider who was passing at the time and gauged the seriousness of the situation. While he did manage to ride away, other riders from his riding group were held up in the ensuing violence. The area falls under Aavathi, Devanahalli taluk of Chikkaballapur.

It was the KTM which collided with the girl on the highway. Name of the biker is Nigith.
The 11 yr old girl, Anju. Her father, Venugopal can be seen in the video below.

The route is popular for anyone looking to get away from Bangalore for a day as scores of folks from teh city head to Nandi hills given the opportunity. Thsi includes riders in large numbers too. The Bangalore based rider and his friends were riding to Anthargange rocks at Kolar, about 80 kms from the city.

The biker who was tied to a tree and thrashed, was finally freed when cops arrived.

As news of the accident spread, a mob orchestrated immediate violence and brought all traffic on the highway to a standstill, and threatened further destruction. While police were able to contain the situation in time, mob justice was meted out to all riders passing the highway at the time.

Mob justice as biker hits child on highway. RIP child.Villagers thrash all bikers passing by.

Posted by RushLane on Sunday, 7 January 2018

Videos detail the destruction to bikes and the risk riders were exposed to in the hands of a large number of locals who took matters into their hands.

Even now, the situation is said not to be under control. Readers are advised not to use the route until cops clear the situation.

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