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Bitcoins payment for car rentals, cruises, and air travel


Launched in 2009, Bitcoin digital currency allows for peer-to-peer anonymous payments. Other company’s who accept payment through bitcoins include Virgin Galactic, OkCupid, and Overstock.

The new payment gateway lets AirFastTickets expand its bitcoins travel portfolio giving customers an opportunity to book flights, hotels and cruises via an online travel-booking service. The company also has an AirFastTickets iOS app.

“AirFastTickets.com was launched in Europe and recently expanded its offerings to the U.S. Having our footprint in both Europe and the U.S. allows us to have a better understanding of a traveler’s needs on an International level. We recognized that a traveler’s experiences during their trip can be simplified by having the option of paying with the universally recognized digital currency, bitcoin,” said CEO and founder of AirFastTickets.com, Nikolaos Koklonis, “Now we are making things easier on the traveler at the very start of their journey—the booking process.”



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