Watch steam powered motorcycle called Black Pearl ride at top speed of 8 kmph

Rene van Tuil of Revatu Customs, is a Dutch custom bike builder who took inspiration from a super cool steampunk motorcycle concept created by Colby Higgins.

Black Pearl steam powered motorcycle 1
The concept by Higgins was showcased like 2 years ago which was named Train Wreck! This one is named after Captain Jack Sparrow’s fast ship, the Black Pearl.
In 8 months of continuous work, Rene van Tuil not only managed to prep a model for showcase, but also made it functional and demonstrated the steam-powered machine. Whereas Higgins’ design was just a digital model which never had a tangible prototype.

So, the Black Pearl can ride. But, despite the fact that it is named after a fast ship, this steampunk motorcycle does not ride as fast. It can manage top speed of 8 kmph, which is actually hardly the speed at which you will be able to balance a heavy motorcycle. Detailed specs and features of this Black Pearl steampunk bike are not revealed, by which we mean the range of this motorcycle as well as its fuel consumption (should be mostly water).

This unveiling is rather about the looks of it, to show how the olden days’ prime mover can be utilised on a two-wheeler, and how other vital parts of a motorcycle can be modified to accommodate this mammoth of a mill. Take a look at the front leading axle linkage and the rear wheel driving mechanism, for starters.

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