10,000 cars charred due to massive blasts in China

10,000 cars, charred beyond recognition along with crushed shipping containers bore testimony of the two powerful explosions that rocked the Chinese city of Tainjin on Wednesday. The first explosion which occurred at 11.30 pm was followed by as second one 30 seconds later, completely paralyzing one of the country’s leading ports and industrial areas.

Causing widespread damage, the China blasts which left 44 persons dead and over 500 injured saw respondents at the site of Ruihai Logistics warehouse at Tianjin Container Port fight the fire prior to first explosion. The area which houses world’s second fastest supercomputer had to be shut down as a precaution following these blasts. The explosion caused extensive damage to the building and while the machine was intact, the same had to be shut down as a security precaution.

The site of China blasts at Binhai New Area in northern China is a logistic hub housing auto plants and aircraft assembly lines. It is also the site of oil refineries and a host of service and production facilities. The 10,000 charred cars were all imported models which have been completely destroyed. These include 2,748 Volkswagen models and over 1,000 Renaults besides other models from international automakers. Below is the list of VW cars destroyed:

1065 Touaregs
114 Golfs
391 Beetles
84 up!s
257 Tiguans
39 SportsVans
28 Magotans (locally built Passats)
770 “Specials” (local VW car)