2012 BMW 3 Series offers best in class mileage

More and more car buyers today, are looking cars which have better fuel economy. With fuel prices skyrocketing cars offering higher fuel economy are more sought after. All new 3 Series from BMW offers best in class mileage. The new BMW luxury sedan, besides attracting attention of their prospective customers by its classic looks both external and internal, has also received the top honors where fuel economy is concerned. It has been credited with ‘Best in Class’ award for fuel economy.

BMW 3 Series possess 300 hp turbocharged inline-six that offers 23 miles per gallon in city limits and 33 miles per gallon on highways, thanks to its 8 speed automatic gearbox It is this fuel economy that has brought credit to the vehicle and will offer competition to others in its field such as Mercedes Benz C250 and Audi A4. BMW plans on launching new variants of 3 Series in the form of hybrids in the near future.