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BMW 3 Series sedan Ultimat3 launch successful in India: 500+ bookings prior to launch

The BMW 3 Series was officially launched in India on July 27, 2012. A look at the new BMW 3 Series Ultimat3 advertisement seen across TV, newspapers and on hoardings will reveal an Indiacentric advertisement campaign. The commercial is made in India and made for Indian audiences.Its commercial is based on the thought “Superior by Evolution”.

3 Series first generation was launched in 1975 and since then five generations of the 3er have evolved. This is the sixth edition and its campaign has been the handiwork of Liquid Campaign’s India office. BMW has revealed that the campaign was so successful that they received more than 500 booking orders for the new 3er even before it was launched on 27th.

This is the first Indian ad campaign ever since BMW commenced operations in India five years ago. Liquid Campaign India has been doing a lot of Indianised and localized campaigns and this is the first campaign to introduce a car in the country in a novel way.

While other commercials bring out the sportiness of the vehicle here the campaign is adapted to specific needs of Indian and to showcase the product as a leader in an otherwise competitive and dynamic Indian market. The TV Commercial is based on history and evolution of the new BMW 3 Series the whole concept was produced by Contra and Weareflink in Germany.

Christian Saffer, Marketing Director, BMW India, said, “Normally, we get all our communication from headquarters. But sometimes, you feel the need for an adaptation. In Europe for example, no one has a driver for the 3 series. Here the target audience is different. That’s why we needed to emphasize other topics. So the campaign had to be adapted to our needs in India.”

Speaking about the idea behind the need for a special campaign, Koester said, “Other markets emphasise the sportiness of the car with lines like ‘Goosebumps vs speedbumps’. In India, we wanted to go back to the core of the brand and make the product our hero. That’s why we decided to go for a totally different approach. Being a leader in the highly competitive and dynamic Indian market, BMW needed to make a strong statement. The line ‘Superior by Evolution’ explains the attitude of the brand, that is continuously evolving to be the best and is future-ready.”

Explaining the TVC, Koester said, “The TVC is based on the heritage and milestones of the 3 series. It’s a statement on BMW and the series being a hero in its class. The ad comprises classic material from the BMW archives, driving shots from international footage from a UK based agency, and the whole TVC was produced by Contra and Weareflink in Germany.”

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