BMW 3 Series sixth gen manufacturing begins in Pretoria – Production to cross 90,000 units

German auto maker BMW is known for its aggressive global sales, marketing, and advertising strategies. The popular maker of automobiles has a strong presence in various parts of the world. In a bid to further extend its dominance globally, BMW has announced plans about setting production units in strategic locations in the coming years. The auto maker has made its intent clear about partnerships. In the coming years BMW plans to tie-up with several local automobile companies in various countries to set up manufacturing units and increase its unit production volume.

South Africa is very important for BMW. Cars manufactured here, are exported to major markets globally, including US. Back in 2009, BMW announced that they will be investing 2.2 ZAR billion ($293 million) in order increase capacity and produce the new 3 Series sedan. According to Mr Frank-Peter Arndt, Board Member, BMW AG, and Chairman, BMW, South Africa, “The BMW 3 Series is the most important volume-produced model for the group, as well as the biggest-selling model in the entire premium segment.”

“At the same time, every generation of the 3-Series sedan has been built at Rosslyn and, since 1999, this plant has been responsible for production of vehicles for important export markets such as the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Australasia. In 2009, when the economic crisis reached its peak, we decided to invest R2.2-billion to increase production capacity in South Africa to produce the new BMW 3 Series sedan. This was the clearest statement we could make at the time. Even though the global economic outlook remains uncertain, we remain true to our commitment to this production location. By the end of this year, we plan to introduce a third shift. This will significantly increase the installed production capacity above 90000 units.” Mr Arndt added.

BMW Pretoria unit was built in 1973 and is the first manufacturing plant built by the German car maker outside Germany. Speaking more about their plans, Mr Arndt said, “It will more than double BMW 3 Series exports from South Africa and it will create 600 new jobs at Rosslyn. This is again a strong signal for our staff, our suppliers and South Africa as an industrial location.” At the new plant you would find best in class equipments and latest in technology working together. Robots are seen in the paint shop and body shop in order to help humans.