BMW 5 Series’ 2nd gen ZF 8HP 8-speed AT upto 3% more efficient

ZF 8HP 2nd genGradually ZF’s new 8-speed automatic transmissions are being used by other automotive manufacturers worldwide. Dr. Jürgen Greiner, head of Passenger Car Transmission Development at ZF Friedrichshafen AG said BMW demonstrates how to make vehicles more efficient and dynamic at the same time.

BMW is the first OEM to opt for the new transmission, which is upto 3% more efficient than its predecessor. The 8HP50 version is designed for torques of up to 500 Nm. A 8HP75 in the lines will be used for rives with even higher torque of up to 750 Nm.

ZF has optimized the new transmission for requirements of modern engine technology. This is in conforming with forthcoming CO2 emission specifications without torque and performance. Effectively a solution comes through downsizing with turbocharged engines with fewer cylinders and less engine displacement and downspeeding (reduction of engine speeds combined with max torque applied at a very early stage).