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BMW and Audi car engines amongst the least reliable: UK Research


Warranty Direct has revealed the results of their latest study on engine reliability. According to which, Mercedes Benz engine features amongst the most reliable, while that of Audi and BMW are on the other side.

BMW and Audi car engines amongst the least reliable UK ResearchA reliable and dependable engine is the key to success for any automobile. A vehicle is made up of a host of parts and each have to work in tandem for the vehicle to perform well. Though each of these vehicles comes with warranties, they are only offered for a limited period of time and come to an end after which time it is the strength and dependability of an engine that comes into play. Engine failures are a major issue. Not only is it a fear for motorists at being stranded but failure of an engine also comes with major expense issues. Warranty Direct has conducted a study of 50,000 live consumer products which has brought some interesting facts into perspective.

For starters, German manufacturer’s engines are not all that reliable as made out to be, except for Mercedes Benz. Audi engines are the worst offenders with 1 in every 27 owners reporting engine failure. BMW MINI is also among the list with 1 in every 40 vehicles surfacing with engine issues. Volkswagen is further down the line but also among the list of auto manufacturers whose vehicle engines have failed to make its mark as highly dependable. Warranty Direct has also undertaken a study of cost of engine repairs. A Range Rover Vogue engine recently portrayed some constraints in its functioning which led to insurer’s highest claim, totaling $20,642 while a dealer quoted $23,588 to repair a troubled Range Rover Sport.

Honda on the other hand has emerged as a clear winner with only 1 in 344 owners reporting engine trouble. Toyota followed with 1 in 171 reporting engine trouble while only 1 in 199 Mercedes Benz owners had any difficulty with the engines of their vehicles.

BMW and Audi car engines amongst the least reliable UK Research 1


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  • Uppili Prassanna

    Honda , Toyota ,Nissan –Ask any owner ,even if he/she is biased he wouldn’t let it sink ,Pure reliability , U may buy a car like a Audi A6 for Snob value, but the end of the day , is that the only reason one needs a car ??? Too much of concentration of trivial things like auto seat adjusts and heated seats , instead of Engine reliability,,sad part they costing a bomb……..Japanese make cars which last decades with stellar reliability and are still usable …. its time people realise who make cars that one can really use ………