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BMW Car Hotspot LTE auto mobile internet tech

BMW has now launched its LTE high speed internet mobility service which will provide superior internet connectivity for its mobile clients. Through use of this high speed internet service one will be able to use internet services on upto eight devices at a time. In order for the device to work, the hotspot needs to be integrated with a LTE capable SIM which helps to connect to the internet.

Using near field communication technology one can expect their devices to connect to hotspots efficiently and immediately. The BMW car hotspot LTE offers secure network facility by enabling one to implement the Wi-Fi protect Setup option which helps to provide a secure WLAN communication. This hotpot can be used with or without an aerial. When used without an aerial, the hotpot connects to the internet with help of a USB cable and universal adapter feature.

It can also be used in conjunction with a telephone docking system. In such cases the hotspot connects to the internet with help of an aerial which thereby ensures that reception is not impaired due to any circumstances that may arise. One can also use this device outside the vehicle as it comes with a battery pack. Other than that one can also use this device with extended range parameters as per their needs. Default range parameters are set to 3 meters which can be extended to 10 meters to provide connectivity inside or outside the vehicle as per requirements.


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