BMW Concept Roadster unveiled at Concorso d’Eleganza

BMW Concept RoadsterBMW’s Concept Roadster comes in with a 2 cylinder, 1.2 liter boxer engine offering 123 hp at 7,750 rpm and 125 Nm max torque at 6,500 rpm from displacement of 1170cc, promising impressive performance and supreme power delivery across the entire engine speed range.

Featuring a single sided swing arm with cardan drive and light tubular space frame the BMW Concept Roadster gets a chic aluminium body and LED lights. The rear is cut short with a self supporting seat and single exhaust pipe ending ahead of the rear wheel while the concept was seen with no rear mud guard or number plate aperture, though a single rear tail lamp was seen under its seat.

BMW Concept Roadster (15)Other highlights on board the BMW Concept Roadster, accentuated in light blue with sculpturally designed fuel tank in Sparkling Light White, include matte LED technology and a futuristic engine spoiler which not only performs as an aerodynamic function but also incorporates the front silencer.

Split colouring on board the new BMW Concept Roadster results in the dark bottom section visually closer to the road surface, thus emphasizing a road oriented riding experience while the lighter coloured upper surface demonstrates an air of lightness and low visual centre of gravity.