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BMW designs 42 wheeler, 19 engined car pandering to four year old’s whims


A 4 year old dreamt of a BMW car with 42 wheels, 19 engines and 3 steering wheels. This dream, along with certain specifications, was posted on Jalopnik a few days ago. BMW took notice, and have designed a car as per the 4 yr old’s dream.

bmw designs 42 wheel car for 4 year oldThe sky is the limit when it comes to satisfying a four year old child. This four year old named Eli, took time out from learning alphabets, and dreamt of possessing a 19 engined (Porsche sourced), 42 wheel, BMW car.

Eli’s BMW would be an all wheel drive, with power from the 19 Porsche Boxer engines transmitted to all 42 wheels equally. The 19 Porsche engines should generate 459 hp each, taking the total output of this dream BMW car to 8721 hp. All of 8721 hp would have to be transmitted by a single transmission. It should have three steering wheels, all three of which are perfectly capable of driving the car at any given time. Boyer, Eli’s father, says his son has always been a car enthusiast and always asked questions on various aspects of vehicle construction and could identify vehicles from the age of 2 years.

Boyer calls the dream car as, 4219Eli- 42 wheels, 19 engines, an extra long wheelbase and fuel injection. Thanks to Jalopnik and BMW, the 4 year old now has his dream car.


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