BMW Driving Academy in Munich opens for business

Whether a novice at the wheel or a seasoned driver, there is always scope for improvement and it is for this reason alone that BMW Driving Academy opened its doors on 14th September 2012 in the outskirts of Munich, a stone’s throw away from the their headquarters. This site for the new BMW driver training centre was once a Fürstenfeldbruck airfield in Maisach and covers a vast area of 130 hectares.

The new facility is well suited to needs of customers who would like to practice various driving exercises and tactics at varying speeds and is also fitted with the most up to date training options which till date were not possible due to space constraints. Participants will be given hands on experience in the finer points of driving, specially at higher speeds.

They will be instructed on nuances of brake distances, speeds limits and car control. BMW Driving Experience driving safety training courses will be held for participants to learn such skills required for them to drive safely, save fuel and be well prepared for any eventuality that they may face on the road. BMW has offered an extensive line up of their BMW 1 Series, 3 Series M and X Models besides the MINI cars so that all participants get an all round training which portrays the BMW Group’s commitment to not only providing advanced training to drivers but also improving t quality of driving safety on roads.

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In the image above, opening BMW Driving Academy Maisach: Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, President of BMW M GmbH and following Politicians: Gerhard Landgraf, Hans Seidl, Reinhold Bocklet, and Thomas Karmasin.


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BMW Driving Academy – the BMW Group’s new driver training centre.

On 14 September 2012 the BMW Driving Academy will open for business. This new BMW Group driver training centre just outside Munich lies close to the heart of the company, with barely 30 kilometres separating it from BMW headquarters. The site of what used to be the Fürstenfeldbruck airfield in Maisach covers some 130 hectares (1.3 million square metres) – an ample area on which to simulate and practise every conceivable type of driving manoeuvre and situation.

“The new facility in Maisach allows us to offer our customers an array of new training options, something that hasn’t been possible up to now due to space restrictions,” says Robert Eichlinger, Head of BMW and MINI Driving Experience. “Here, our customers can now experience and learn to deal with driving situations at various speeds. And that means the driving safety training courses will be more realistic and participants will be able to experience up close how brake distances increase, for example, and at what speed they hit their personal limits when it comes to car control.” With the exception of the racing track courses, adventure trips in South Africa and snow and ice training, this is where all BMW Driving Experience driving safety training courses will take place in the future.