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BMW Electric Two Wheeler Concept Combining Bicycle And Motorbike

New BMW Electric Motorcycle / Bicycle Concept
New BMW Electric Motorcycle / Bicycle Concept

Electric two-wheeler space has virtually limitless possibilities in terms of design, form and function

As part of its plans to introduce innovative products for urban mobility, BMW Motorrad has unveiled the Vision AMBY concept. By combining the benefits of a bicycle and a motorbike, BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY could spawn an entirely new range of electric two-wheelers in the future. Battery powered electric bicycles already exist, but Vision AMBY is way ahead in terms of hi-tech features, usability and practicality.

BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY design and features

A quick glance reveals that Vision AMBY is just like any other bicycle. However, in functional terms, it’s more of a motorbike. At the front, the bike has a small headlight and a U-shaped BMW Motorrad light signature. The latter is indicative of the origins of this concept electric bike. Other unique aspects of the bike include its large-dimensioned front forks. These are covered with thick protectors, which ensure a rugged look and feel for the bike.

Handlebar is placed ergonomically and at the right height, suitable for both on-road and off-road tracks. The bike utilizes 26-inch wheel at the front and 24-inch wheel at rear. These are shod with chunky tyres, the front being thinner for optimal turning. Rear tyre is relatively thicker and rounder, which enhances its off-roading capabilities.

The bike is equipped with a sleek seat that seamlessly merges with the rising upper frame. Combined with taller front section, the stance looks similar to that of a BMW Enduro motorbike. At the rear, the bike has double LED element tail light.

New BMW Electric Motorcycle / Bicycle Concept
New BMW Electric Motorcycle / Bicycle Concept

BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY range and specs

As per WMTC, the bike has range of around 110 km. Three ride modes are available, allowing varying speeds based on type of track. The bike is fitted with intelligent systems that can automatically detect the type of track. Speed is then accordingly adjusted. For cycle paths, the bike can travel at speeds of up to 25 kmph. For city roads and out of town / multi-lane roads, top speed is 45 kmph and 60 kmph, respectively.

For travelling at higher speeds, the rider will need driving licence, insurance licence plate and helmet. These requirements are the same as that of riding a standard motorbike. Vision AMBY comes with a throttle grip for acceleration. It does not have pedals. It is to note that BMW Motorrad has unveiled another e-bike named i Vision AMBY. This comes with pedals instead of a throttle grip. To get power from electric drive, the rider has to continuously use the pedal.

Battery and drive unit on Vision AMBY are integrated into a compact casing placed at the centre. Overall, the bike weighs 65 kg. This is much lighter in comparison to standard electric two-wheelers.

For an interactive experience, BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY is equipped with smartphone connectivity. The bike is future-proof, as it can be updated with a host of features. Possibilities for the future include an optimized ABS system, tyre pressure monitoring system, and proximity warning radar.

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