BMW F800 GS for cops in London to tackle terror attacks

BMW F800 GS for cops in London to tackle terror attacks

Increased instances of terrorism and threats across London have seen the introduction of armed counter-terrorism police. These special police will be heavily armed and will use BMW’s 798 cc F800GS bikes for immediate response.

The use of these bikes will ensure better response timing and ability to beat gridlock traffic across the city. The armed officers will not be riding these bikes themselves but will ride pillion while they will be permitted to go off-road or mount kerbs in their efforts to reach the terror site in a time bound manner.

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The decision to deploy such forces across London comes at a time when instances of terror attacks have increased across France and Germany. The armed officers will be using grey BMW F800GS motorcycles to tackle such contingencies and will accompany riders from the motorized division who are experts in maneuvering the bikes through traffic.

As on date, 600 such armed officers are deployed, while 1,500 more will be added in the months ahead following proper training in dealing with such threats and terror attacks. The officers will be heavily armed but friendly and have been instructed to be approachable by the public.

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BMW’s F800GS bikes are powered by 798cc, four stroke, inline two cylinder engines offering 85 hp power and 83 Nm torque. They are able to tackle heavy traffic situations while high ground clearance and long suspension allows the bike to mount and get off kerbs making them ideally suited for this sort of operation.

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