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BMW to launch 12 Front Wheel Drive (FWD) cars by 2020

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

BMW 2 series Active Tourer was launched this week as the company’s first Front Wheel Drive car. BMW has revealed that as many as 12 cars would be launched in FWD configuration by 2020.

BMW 2 Series Active TourerUp to 12 BMW models as well as 10 Mini variants would be build on front-wheel drive layout, by 2020. All those cars will fall between desired length of 3.8 metres and 4.5 metres, which is reckoned as ideal parameters. BMW also suggested that any new product smaller than 3 Series will inherit this FWD architecture.

BMW Corporate & Government Affairs spokesman Kai Lichte said that 40% of its global sales up to 2020 will comprise of small and compact segment cars.

He added that BMW is assessing all kinds of Front Wheel Drive concepts, like hatchback or tourer. The company does not confirm that all upcoming cars will be FWD only. He says for BMW, Rear Wheel Drive will continue to be most important.

German automaker has already announced that it will bring out a seven seater FWD version of 2 Series Active Tourer. Next inline will be 1 Series to adopt Front Wheel Drive setup; next X1 as well.

As far as 3 Series is concerned, BMW will stick to Rear Wheel Drive pattern, and beyond that range will also see RWD only. Even performance version, M variants, will remain RWD, or AWD.

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