BMW group to make its presence felt at the Goodwood revival 2012

The Goodwood revival is an event wherein one gets to see motor races taking place in an authentic 1940-60’s environment. This event has been taking place since 1998 and is one of the events where one can enjoy the beauty of brands like BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce.

BMW has a lineup of three race prepared bikes in order to stand a chance of wining the Barry Sheene Memorial trophy. Two pre war BMW R5 models along with a BMW RS 54 will be taking part in this contest. These two models boast of impressive performances in both non competitive as also competitive races and contests.

Apart from brands like BMW, MINI and RR there will also be a bike Husqvarna CR 400 which Steve McQueen rode on display in the motorcycle garage during the event. A restored Klemm 25 aircraft will also be on display on the tarmac at this event to help remind people of BMW role in aircraft manufacture. BMW 503, BMW 507 along with RR Silver cloud will be some of the cars on display at this event. To lure motorcycle enthusiast’s motorcycles such as the BMW R 24, BMW R 26, BMW R 51/2 with sidecar, and the BMW R 69 S will also be on display. A BMW 328 in which Sir Striling Moss won his first car race will also be on display outside the group garages.

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Auto news release: BMW Group Classic at the Goodwood Revival 2012
The BMW Group Classic at the Goodwood Revival 2011. (09/2011)

Munich. The Goodwood Revival Festival reels its visitors into the glamour and allure of bygone days like no other historic race event. Held annually since 1998, it has a unique way of recreating the atmosphere of the 1940s to 1960s and today ranks among the world’s most renowned motor race meetings. It is also a regular highlight of BMW Group Classic’s calendar: “The Goodwood Revival is the perfect place to bring alive the successful heritage of our brands in an authentic ambience,” says Karl Baumer, Director of BMW Group Classic.

Competing for the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy.

This year, BMW Group Classic will be fielding three unusual BMW racing bikes in the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy contest. In addition to a BMW RS 54, two race-prepared BMW R 5 pre-war models will be lining up to resurrect BMW’s successful motor sport history on two wheels. Each of the three motorcycles features highlights that represented the state of the art of their time. For example, the BMW R 5 – which also contested various championship titles in non-racing guise – already boasted valve control with twin camshafts. The legendary BMW RS 54 went further, with two overhead gear-driven camshafts per cylinder. The first post-war BMW racing bike to go on sale swept up several German championship titles and, as a BMW works racing machine, finished as runner-up in the Motorcycle World Championship of 1956.

Strong presence of all BMW Group brands.

The Goodwood Revival will see the BMW Group presenting its brands and their respective heritage in all their diversity. Alongside models from the BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce fold, the festival will also include a motorcycle with the Husqvarna badge. A highlight from the company’s days as a leading aero-engine manufacturer, moreover, will be present in the guise of the newly restored Klemm 25 aircraft and its BMW engine.

BMW Group Classic’s garage line-up in the March Motor Works area, meanwhile, will be consistently sporting 1950s and 1960s attire. TheBMW andRolls-Royce brands will display the BMW 507, BMW 503 and BMW Isetta, along with the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, to lure visitors into the world of British showrooms of that era. MINI will evoke 1960s London with Peter Sellers’ classic Mini, while BMW Motorrad will be offering a garage for the true enthusiast with motorcycles such as the BMW R 24, BMW R 26, BMW R 51/2 with sidecar, and the BMW R 69 S. Likewise parked in the motorcycle garage will be the Husqvarna CR 400 with which Steve McQueen ventured beyond the tarmac. On show outside the four BMW Group garages will be a rather special highlight – the BMW 328 in which Sir Stirling Moss won his first car race.

A further attraction at the airfield will be the Klemm 25 aircraft of 1927 powered by a BMW Xa aero-engine, which will be taking part in the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation competition. The 5-cylinder radial engine with 60 hp output has been deployed since 1937 and, along with the aircraft, has undergone a full restoration. On completion in 2008, the Klemm 25 was registered as Germany’s oldest aircraft with standard certification.