BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept envisions i8 Spyder

With BMW i Vision Future Interaction, BMW draws attention to a host of new technologies which can be offered in a future car. The likes of interactive information displays and autonomous driving control innovations form the core of this i8 Spyder Concept, which is now on display at the CES 2016.

Based on the doorless version of the BMW i8 roadster concept revealed way back in 2012, the two seater BMW i Vision Future Interaction sports three display units. These offer information with regard to speed, speed limits and navigation onto the windscreen.

BMW i8 Roadster Concept
BMW i Vision Future Interaction

The driver is also offered information on other cars up ahead besides oncoming traffic not yet in his field of vision. This innovation is what BMW claims will allow driver to respond efficiently and effectively particularly when travelling in autonomous mode. A warning is sounded when noting oncoming traffic allowing the driver just 7 seconds to take control over the vehicle and avert an accident.

BMW i Vision Future Interaction allow the driver to select between three drive modes of Pure Drive, Assist and Auto through a control imbedded in the left hand spoke of the steering wheel. In Pure mode, the drive ensures optimum performance. Assist mode relies on networking solutions for faster travel on real time traffic updates.

Auto mode allows the BMW i Vision Future Interaction total control where braking, acceleration and steering is concerned minus any driver interaction. In Auto mode, the steering wheel gives off a bluish hue signaling autonomous control while if the car deviates from its selected lane, a red light flashes signaling to driver to take control.


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