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BMW i8 Laser Light system partner is Osram

BMW i8 Laser Light system partner is Osram

BMW i8 hybrid electric sports car is the first production vehicle in the world to come with laser light. This laser light system has been developed in association with Munich based Osram.

BMW i8 Laser Light system partner is OsramOsram, supplying laser light technology to BMW seen on board the new i8, has integrated knowhow of laser lights with automotive lighting technologies. This laser equipped car will receive diodes made by Osram’s subsidiary Osram Opto Semiconductors while design of the module and supplied by company’s Special Lighting Division.

BMW i8 with these laser lights co-developed by Osram will see headlight effect going further up the road. It is a step further as compared to LED light sources which also help in differentiating vehicles visually. Laser technology is more advanced offering both higher luminance and greater distance of lighting. Another advantage is that headlights can be designed even smaller as its higher luminance goes beyond that of any other light source in use as on date. Light source from laser lights also provide the maximum range possible while offering drivers enhanced night time visibility.

Osram of Munich, Germany is among the two leading light manufacturers in the world. Its long list of components include lamps, electronic control gear and semiconductors comprising of light emitting diodes besides luminaires, light management systems and lighting systems. The company has operations worldwide with a total of 35,000 employees and has been focusing on lights and liminaires for the past 100 years.


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