New BMW iDrive and TouchCommand systems for 2016 7-Series

BMW has showcased a prototype of iDrive system which works with a touch screen. It is built to function hand in hand with iDrive controller, with a virtual keyboard to tap in information for various features within. This touch screen information system is intended for production debut in next generation BMW 7-Series.

BMW iDrive TouchCommand 2015 CES 03 hand gestures
New BMW iDrive and TouchCommand systems could premiere in 2016 7-Series.
But that’s not all the new BMW iDrive can do. It has gesture recognition technology as well, that uses a roof-mounted 3D sensor to map hand gestures and take system inputs. Hand gestures can be performed in the area between gear lever, steering wheel and Control Display.

According to BMW, the system decodes different kinds of movements such as tapping, finger rotations and even swiping movements to the right. Each gesture is recognised to perform the corresponding action in BMW iDrive system. For instance, a rotating movement can alter the volume of radio, a finger raise can accept a phone call and a swiping movement can decline a call.

Apart from iDrive, BMW showcased new TouchCommand rear seat control system. It is basically just a Samsung tablet for rear seat passengers, installed with a special BMW app that allows control of functions like car’s climate, infotainment systems and adjustments of rear seats. The tablet is mounted in a crash-proof holder and it must be recharged by a snap-in adapter whenever necessary.