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Update: BMW India dealer sold a repaired and repainted 3 Series as new?

UPDATE: Rushlane confirms that the BMW 320d Sportline in question was sold as a display car, and it had not clocked any kilometers. At the time of sale, the owner was aware of it being a display car when it was picked as a wedding gift for the complainant (yaseenar). Though, this still does not answer as to why the bumper and alloys were repainted.

BMW 320d Sportline sold to customer after almost a year into manufacturing and using as demo vehicle.

yaseenar purchased a BMW 320d Sportline at BMW Kochi dealership. When he first met his match, he noted down the VIN/Chasis Number and decoded it to determine the Date of Manufacture, as 9th October 2013. But it was July 2014 when he was taking it home. Upon questioning the sales representatives, they told him that the car was actually produced in January 2014, which is the same month and year recorded in the RC Card. Still, that’s quite a bit of unexplained stall for a 320d Sportline.

Later when he gave the car for a wash at Pete’s and for PPF (Paint Protection Film) at 3M, evidence of repaint job started to show, especially near headlamps. Black areas of alloy wheels also started to peel off, leaving the owner puzzled.

At first service, yaseenar made a complaint at the service centre of BMW Kochi and got a reply after a few days that the car’s bumper was damaged during transit and hence it was repainted (not replaced). This piece of information was not disclosed to the customer at the time of purchase.

Later when the head of service made an inspection of his own, he found that the car was actually used as a display / demo car at the showroom, and it had M kit installed. And when the outlet decided to sell it off as new, they put the stock bumper shoved in storage back, which had damages that needed to be concealed with a paint job.

About the black accents on the alloy wheels, the dealer claimed to have painted it on their own in that style just so that it looks better than stock. yaseenar is still trying to get to the bottom of this.


yaseenar has updated the thread saying – They promise me to give a satisfactory solution when we meet on 2nd and say that they make sure that no customer goes unhappy!

He also adds that the person who bought the car was not aware about the 3 Series in question being a display car.


yaseenar has received a reply from BMW India. Highlights of the reply are below;

– The dealer Platino Classic sold a new BMW 320d as per the standard terms of sale.

– You have highlighted paint quality issues on the front bumper and Alloy wheels.

You have got the matter to our attention nearly 6 months after securing the delivery of the car. In this case, please understand that we are at loss to establish if the Paint quality issue actually emanated at the dealer end.

Sir, BMW India is a wholesale company. Our reach is to ensure that the dealer delivers the car as per series standards or as specified by the customer. In this case, the dealer has actually delivered a new BMW 320d. We are not privy to the contract of sale that was entered between the buyer and the dealer and hence we cannot comment on the workings of the transaction. We therefore ask you to kindly take up the matter directly with BMW Dealer.

Regarding the paint defect, the dealer has extended a generous offer to not only repaint the front bumper but also attend to additional body and paint jobs that are required on the car. We find this offer from the dealer a comprehensive resolution to the matter at hand and would kindly ask you to evaluate this option.

In short, BMW wants me to sort it out with the dealer, adds yaseenar.

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