Update: BMW India discontinues M Performance Power Kits, due to homologation issues?

According to user akshay1234 at Team-BHP, the German luxury premium car marque has stopped supplying M Performance Power Kits to dealerships.

BMW M Performance Power Kits India discontinued
India was never a market where BMW M Performance Power Kits were in demand like hot cakes, but it was always reassuring to know that the market was being taken seriously by the company.

BMW M Performance Power Kits are purchased by BMW car owners to bump up performance rating of their cars anytime they want. The package consists of some mechanical changes and ECU remap, which if not drastically, to an appreciable extent, increases power and torque output of the engine, and makes the car more fun to pedal. For instance, M Performance power kit for BMW 320d hikes engine output from 181 bhp & 380 Nm to 197 bhp & 400 Nm. According to BMW, such modifications do not affect the emission figures.

Information about BMW India discontinuing M Performance kits came to the light of day when the said user approached a dealership to install the same on his X3 SUV. When the dealer told him that no such kits are available these days, the user came to know through BMW India helpline that the kits were removed from market due to homologation issues, recently.

BMW India has not announced anything officially about the discontinuation of these kits.

Via – Team-BHP


In a mail to Rush Lane, BMW India confirms that they have not discontinued M Performance Kits completely. The list of kits discontinued includes BMW M Performance Tuning power kits, Chassis upgrade kits, Silencer upgrade kits and Sports braking systems. The kits which are still available at dealers include – BMW M Performance Accessories, comprising aerodynamics package, alloy rims and special exterior and interior accents.