BMW India showroom, Guggenheim Lab, Motor Show and Super Car Rally in Mumbai

BMW Mumbai Infinity Cars showroomLast week, BMW India unveiled their Infinity Cars showroom in Mumbai at Nariman Point. The 2900 sq ft showroom design is based on the company’s Urban Street Display concept layout that houses a consultation lounge and sales desk, and will display 3 cars in an urban street display style. The weekend also saw BMW Motorrad make it’s presence felt at Mumbai International Motor Show 2013 (MIMS) with the yellow BMW G 650 GS stopping a lot of visitors on their tracks. BMW also made quite a mark at the 5th Parx Super Car Rally over the weekend.

BMW Guggenheim Lab conducted free programs and addressed a diverse range of audiences in Mumbai. These programs were conducted from December 9, 2012 to January 20, 2013 and saw a total of 23,861 visitors participating in 165 programs over this 29 day period. The Lab was held in association with Dr. Bhanu Daji Lad Museum and was conducted at six sites across the city.

The program included design projects, surveys, tours and talks. It also entailed workshops and film screenings with regard to exploration of urban challenges and conditions in the city of Mumbai. Mumbai is the third such city to see this sort of program following New York and Berlin. Conceived and formulated by Mumbai Lab Team members along with Guggenheim curator David van der Leer and curatorial assistant Stephanie Kwai, the program also included various local program consultants and Aaron Pereira, a Paris based program consultant.

Findings of these programs will be compiled and shared with public in coming months. Certain projects such as research projects and a visual survey will continue further examining what residents of Mumbai think about privacy and their relationship to public space. All findings as a result of these studies which were developed in conjuncture with Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action and Research and Design Cell at Kamla Raheja Vidyanidji Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies, will be made public once conclusive studies are completed.