BMW M as MotoGP Official Car for 15th year

BMW M as MotoGP Official Car for 15th year (3)Come this weekend at the Qatar Grand Prix, BMW M will be starting its 15th season as the ‘Official Car of MotoGP’. For this season, the BMW M6 Gran Coupe will spearhead the contingent of safety cars at the MotoGP World Championship. Quality design, superior performance and luxurious interiors are the highlights of this vehicle. The M6 Gran Coupe is powered by a high-rev V8 engine infused with M Twin Power Turbo technology which enables to generate 560 hp of power allowing it to accelerate from 0-100kmph within a short span of 4.2 seconds.

Safety cars which will be used for the MotoGP World Championship have been modified so as to fulfill their role of a pace car. Fleet of safety cars for the Qatar Grand Prix will feature 5 BMW M and M Performance models, BMW M6 Coupe, BMW M6 Gran4 Coupe and BMW M5. BMW M3 Coupe will carry the Safety Officer around the track along with 2 BMW M550d xDrive Tourings which will be used as medical cars. Two new BMW HP4’s will be used as Safety Bikes courtesy of BMW Motorrad.

The partnership which started in 1999 will be running be running into its 15th year and is not restricted to the car fleet sponshorship. During course of the race events, visitors can take a look at merchandise and cars displayed at the BMW stalls as also indulge themselves in the BMW M Hospitality experience.

Thomas Schemera, Director of Sales and Marketing at BMW M GmbH said, “We are delighted that our cooperation with MotoGP is already entering its 15th season.” He added, “This shows that Dorna Sports sees us as a reliable partner when it comes to guaranteeing that practice sessions, qualifying and races pass safely in the pinnacle of motorcycle racing – even in the most difficult weather conditions. In return, the Motorcycle World Championship provides us with the perfect platform. This allows us to present our high-performance automobiles to a target group consisting of motorsport enthusiasts who share our passion for technologically innovative and dynamic sports cars – and that all over the world. We are particularly proud to be able to run our high-performance luxury coupe, the BMW M6 Gran Coupe, as a Safety Car in the 2013 season.”