BMW M Performance kits to be relaunched in India

The BMW M Performance kits which were discontinued in India in late 2014 due to homologation issues are reported to be reintroduced soon. The kits will be available for popular models like the 320d, 520 d, 530 d and X5 30d.

The M Performance kit includes an official engine remap, reworked air intake, larger intercooler, a heavy duty cooling fan, aerodynamic body kits complete with more aggressive bumpers and an optional exhaust system upgrade.

BMW 3 Series and 5 Series offered with New M Performance parts in the US (1)
The M Performance kits include several performance enhancing elements like remapped ECU, larger intercooler, upgraded exhaust system, etc.

The kit makes the cars noticeably sportier than the regular versions. In addition to the aforementioned updates, the 530 d and X5 30d also benefit from larger front brakes. The pricing details of the kits have not been released yet. The M Performance kits offer performance boost equivalent to a moderate after market modification job but without hampering the warranty.

BMW India has been lagging behind the Mercedes and Audi for the last few years in terms of sales. The introduction of sporty performance upgrades is expected to strength the brand image among driving enthusiasts.

BMW in Paris 3 Series M Performance (2)
The price details are expected to be revealed soon (image of 335i is used for representative purpose only).

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The German automaker recently commenced the local assembly of its second-gen X1 which is one of the top volume pullers for the brand in India. The company also recently launched the new 320i petrol sedan in the country.

BMW 4 Series M Performance – Photos

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