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23 yr old BMW M3 driver rams into Honda Activa, two killed

BMW M3 accident Honda Activa

Locals torched the BMW M3 to ground after the accident, as they were angry at the driver.

Mumbai: Mrugen Chorghe, a 23 year old son of a local builder here in Dhongarpada, Virar was involved in a horrific crash in the wee hours of Saturday night (16th May). He later surrendered to the local police at 10 AM on the same day for crashing his BMW M3 into a Honda Activa. Mrugen had just returned from Canada, where he is pursuing higher studies. Eye witnesses said that the car was being driven on the wrong side and at high speed.

BMW M3 accident Honda Activa

The result of the impact was such that the Honda Activa was broken onto two pieces, with one half being thrown some 10 feet away. The riders, 65 year old Nazareth Dcunha died on the spot, while 45 year old Sangeeta John (pillion) died at a hospital. Learning about the deaths of the two, local residents got angry and torched the car. Mrugen Chorghe managed to escape from the spot before the crowd could get hold of him.

It is still not clear as to whose fault it was. The images say that the M3 was being driven on the wrong side, while the speedometer, at the time of accident was pointing to 146 kmph (allegedly).

As per a source from Team-BHP, it was also the fault of the two wheeler riders. This source reveals that the two wheeler was riding without headlights on, and tried to cross the road without indicators.

BMW M3 accident Honda Activa

But even then, there is enough light on the road. Images show that the road is well lit. So if the two wheeler was crossing the road, without headlight or indicator, why didn’t the M3 driver take notice? The car in question, is a wide body M3 tuned up by Hamann Motorsport. It is powered by a 4.0l V8 petrol turbocharged engine, delivering 455 hp power and 448 Nm torque. It has a top speed of 320 kmph.

Locals say that the M3 driver was under the influence of alcohol and hence did not react to the crossing Honda Activa. Police have revealed nothing about driver’s condition during the time of accident in their report. Mrugen has been granted bail and is currently out of Police custody.

Last one month has been as bad as it gets for supercars in India. There have been news of two Lamborghini crashes, one Porsche 911 on fire, Aston Martin crash, and another BMW M3 (apart from the one above). This once again raises the question, should there be a separate driving license for those who want to drive more powerful cars on Indian roads?


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  • “So if the two wheeler was crossing the road, without headlight or indicator, why didn’t the M3 driver take notice? Or why there are no brake skid marks?” –

    1) He was indeed driving at a high speed but then even if he was at say 120 – 130km/h, it is not easy to spot someone crossing the road without headlights or indicator and that too at night. Also, the one on two-wheeler weren’t wearing helmets, which needs to be mentioned too. Why should there be skid marks with a working ABS?

    2) The ones crossing the road might have suddenly appeared from nowhere for the driver to take notice and slam his brakes. The entire episode happened at too short of a notice for anyone to react.

    3) ‘The BMW M3 driver is now out on bail!!!’ – He later surrendered to the local police at 10 AM on the same day and did not run or escape.

    Let us wait for complete details before making it a media trial case against any of the parties.

  • Guys the driver I am from Virar, I nd murgen have mutual friends. About the story I was told
    1) The road was lit but where the car was found, a portion before that has poor lighting.
    2) There are benches near that dark portion on which people usually sit.
    3) The couple out of nowhere came on the road as they wanted to go to the other side of the road.
    3) The driver saw the couple and steered away but hit the scooter before that and entered the wrong side and that portion has decent lighting.
    4) Nobody ever saw murgen drinking. He never smokes or drinks.
    So guys please wait for the reports

  • It was not an Hamann but a Vorsteiner if i am right.And yes,this guy loved his car like the previous owner he was a regular on streets.Unfortunate incident here.Have been following Team-Bhp and you know what RTO is to blamed.We don’t have a single traffic cop on roads.Just yesterday i saw a 12 yr old boy driving a wagon-R with his friends!!!

  • Stop blaming the resources which are not available , what happen and why it happened (That’s pretty manipulate already by the victim).. Any individual should know driving much faster than 60 km/h in a city like Virar is a risk. I don’t know Whether how dumb he can be or grown dumb in such a manner that sense of practicality and awareness is not there inside him. Shameless person he is.
    Common sense is the thing that usually such ass should have. I don’t know why he cant have such a simple things .

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