BMW M4 can only manage to see the rear of Tesla Model S P85D in a drag race

In the last few weeks, the Tesla Model S P85D has been featuring in videos where it is seen drag racing with conventional sports cars. Tesla Model S P85D has already beaten a Lamborghini Aventador (faster off the line) and Ferrari 550 in drag race earlier.

tesla model s vs bmw m4
Priced at $120,000, Tesla S P85D does a 0 to 100 kmph in 3.2 seconds.

Recently, Tesla Model S P85D and BMW M4 Convertible were put to the test of speed in a drag race against BMW M4. The result was astonishing.

Tesla S P85D has an all wheel drive with total power output of 691 HP with 687 lb/ft torque, all of which is available right from the moment you slap your foot on the pedal. On the other hand, BMW M4 convertible is powered by a 3.0 liter in-line six engine, weighs 4,140 lbs (Tesla weighing 4,900 lbs), while power output stands at 431 hp between 5,500-7,300 rpm and 406 lb/ft torque between 1,850-5,500 rpm.

While most would say that with this difference in power and torque ratios, and with the P85D sending power to all four wheels, a drag race is not a fair fight. But considering this is an all electric family sedan (which is also heavier), the Tesla is definitely more than impressive.

Apart from M4, the Tesla Model S also took on the Nissan GT-R in a quarter mile drag race. Though the GT-R won, Tesla manages to once again get off the start line much quicker.