BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi sales for January 2011 in US and Indian auto market

The war between BMW and Mercedes-Benz had a clear winner in terms of sales in the US auto market, with Merc, having started the year by registering 24% sales growth by selling 20,306 vehicles. Sales of their C-Class model rose 56%. In comparison, BMW recorded sales growth of 3.1% by selling 16,405 cars in January 2012. For the month, BMW 3 Series posts 16% growth rate at 6,698 cars sold. A redesigned version will be made available next month.

California-based analyst with, Jesse Toprak had this to say. “BMW, perhaps, was a bit more aggressive in terms of marketing and incentive efforts in December which may have pulled ahead some of their sales from January.” BMW has certainly benefitted from their redesigned X3 SUV. The Company saw a sales growth of 13% in 2011 backed by 247,907 cars sold. Along the way, they hurtled Lexus that had held top spot for 11 years as the top-selling luxury brand in the US.

Mercedes sales were boosted by the C-Class sedan and new coupe, and finished a close 2nd to BMW for 2011 sales falling short by 2,715 fewer units. Mercedes Benz recorded 13% sales growth in the US auto market by selling 245,192 units. Audi registered 20% sales growth and sold 9,354 vehicles for January 2011 in the US auto market. This is the most sales Audi has recorded for the month of January.

If the battle of the German luxury car manufacturer triad is discussed for the Indian car market, Volkswagen Group’s Audi sold 667 cars here January 2012. This equates to 39% sales growth in a YOY comparison with 2011, when Audi sold 480 cars in India. BMW led sales numbers between the 3 luxury carmakers for each month of last year. As of now, BMW and Mercedes Benz sales reports for January 2012 are unavailable.