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BMW Motorcycle ride gives California man an erection for 20 months, and counting

Sounds too painful to be true, but if a man from California is to be believed, a 4 hour bike ride on a 1993 BMW motorcycle has resulted in him having an erection for the last 20 months. He has now sued the company for ‘damages’. The man claims that a four hour ride lead to a severe case of priapism – or persistent erection that has now gone on for 20 long months.

Mr Henry Wolf, through his lawyer Vernon Bradley claimed that the ribbed banana seat design has caused this problem and hence have sued BMW as this problem is causing both emotional and mental trauma besides leading to his inability to engage in any sexual activity.

Wolf took a road trip on May 1, 2010 and ever since has had this condition. He is now seeking damages from the company, BMW N America and Corbin-Pacific, the motorcycle’s seat maker for loss suffered by him which includes wages, medical expenses and emotional distress.

This is not the first time motorcycle riding has been linked to such problems. However, in most cases it has been seen that there may be a direct link between motorbike seat design and problems regarding infertility and impotency. Vibrations caused by the bike coupled with configurations of the seat are said to be the crux of the matter.

Wolf v. BMW reads as follows:

“Plaintiff was riding his 1993 BMW motorcycle equipped with a Corbin-Pacific seat. The ride lasted approximately two hours each way to plaintiff’s destination, after which plaintiff developed a severe case of priapism (a persistent, lasting erection). Plaintiff alleges that this condition was caused by the ridge-like seat on his motorcycle, negligently designed, manufactured and/or installed by defendants.”

“Plaintiff now suffers from priapism (a long lasting erection), and has been experiencing continuing problems since his motorcycle ride. He is now unable to engage in sexual activity, which is causing him substantial emotional and mental anguish. Plaintiff is distraught and distressed because of this. Defendants, and each of them, are liable to plaintiff due [to] their negligent design, manufacture and/or installation of the seat on plaintiff’s motorcycle.”

Note: The motorcycle in the image here is not the one which caused Mr Wolf problems.

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