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BMW Motorrad dealer explains – Why G310R first service bill was over Rs 9k

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In the below case (referring to Rushlane post), there has been reporting of overcharging from a customer during the first service of the BMW G310R. This is not really the case. And here is an explanation.

In the first invoice, INR 1793.60 (which includes GST) is used for labor charge, INR 896.80 is charged for consumables where brake cleaner, parts cleaner, rust off and HSS is used for the cleaning of the specific parts.

Cleaning of motorcycle which included washing and complete detailing was a value-added (additional service) which cost INR 1569.40 wherein we use products like BMW Bike Shower Gel, BMW Gloss Polish and buffing the painted parts.

In the second invoice, chain cleaner and chain sprays were used to clean and lubricate the chain and the leftover materials were even handed over to the customer for future usage.

All in all, the total cost for the first servicing of the motorcycle is INR 4163 which includes gasket ring change, oil filter change, BMW Motorrad genuine oil change at MRP and labor costs including GST. The rest of the charges were for consumables, Value added services like cleaning and detailing. And for chain clean and chain lubes which were sold at MRP.

Also we are the only brand that offers 3 years unlimited warranty and which needs only four oil-change services over a period of 3 years, making it a bike with one of the lowest cost of ownership in premium mid-size motorcycle market.

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