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BMW helmet with Head-Up Display and Laser Light tech for motorcycles unveiled

In a bid to introduce new standards in motorcycle safety, a helmet with Head-Up Display and Laser Light equipped K1600 draw the attention of biking enthusiasts at the BMW Motorrad stall at 2016 CES. The BMW helmet with Head-Up Display offers the rider added safety as it prevents distractions while glancing at the instrument cluster, specially when riding at higher speeds.

Apart from this, Head-Up Display Helmet offers a host of information directly into the riders field of view. The display is programmable while the unit is fixed with a mini computer and speakers which can be controlled from left handlebar via a BMW Motorrad multicontroller.

BMW Motorrad Head-Up Display Helmet offers a glass display over the right eye offering information that would otherwise be displayed on the instrument panel such as speed, temperature, fuel level, gear, etc.

It can also be programmed for additional information depending on customers’ demand; while camera in the helmet can deliver live feed of the rear taking the place of rear view mirrors. Power is offered via two batteries installed in the lower section of the helmet capable of lasting for upto 5 hours on a single charge.
The second tech, laser Light technology on board the K1600 GTL is similar to the one which is also seen on BMW cars, like the new BMW 7 Series and BMW i8. Projecting a bright and pure white light resulting in a high beam range upto 600 meters (1,968 ft), is double the distance as seen with conventional lights. This extended vision allows for safer night time riding. Though the use of this technology on board motorcycles may not be cost effective as on date, mass market usage could see prices being brought down to more affordable levels.

BMW Helmet with Head-Up Display

BMW K1600 with Laser Light



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