BMW Motorrad sales for May 2012: Husqvarna Motorcycles deliveries

Sales of BMW Motorrad during May 2012 have been slightly higher than May 2011. The company sold 48,918 motorcycles in the period January to May 2012 as against 48,749 motorcycles sold in the same five months of the previous year resulting in an increase of 0.3%.

However taking into considerations sales of April and May 2012, May sales were lower by 8.8%. Heiner Faust, head of Sales and Marketing at BMW Motorrad said that may sales suffered due to economic situation prevalent in the two wheeler markets in South Europe. The company is a leader in both Italy and Spain. There are not overtly optimistic expectations for sales during June as well but the company is planning to venture into the maxi Scooter markets so as to increase sales by the second half of this year so that they can increase their sales records achieved in 2011.

Husqvarna Motorcycles of BMW Group has seen a rise in deliveries since the start of this year. In May the company sold 4420 motorcycles as compared to 3080 vehicles sold in May 2011 resulting in an increase of 43.5%.

News release: Sales result for BMW Motorrad as of May 2012 slightly above previous year, for May 2012 declining. Deliveries of Husqvarna Motorcycles both as of and for May 2012 higher than previous year.

The sales result of BMW Motorrad as of May 2012 is slightly higher than that of the equivalent period of the previous year. A total of 48,918 motorcycles (prev. yr. 48,749 units) were sold in the first five months of the year, a rise of 0.3%. Sales for the month of May 2012 fell by 8.8 % to a level below that of the previous month. A total of 11,457 motorcycles (prev. yr. 12,568 units) were delivered to customers worldwide.

According to Heiner Faust, head of sales and marketing BMW Motorrad, “the sales result for May is influenced very strongly by the economic situation in the major motorcycle markets of southern Europe. Although we are the market leaders in Italy and Spain, for example, we were not able to fully offset the consumers buying resistance on these markets against the very positive market developments in Germany, Switzerland, France, Brazil and the USA. For the month of June we again expect a weak sales result compared to the record year of 2011. However, we are planning to use our upcoming entry into the Maxi-Scooter market to raise the sales volume for the second half of the year above the previous year’s level. It remains our goal to exceed our sales record from 2011.”

Husqvarna Motorcycles, the second motorcycle brand in the BMW Group, has recorded a rise in deliveries for five months in a row. As of May, Husqvarna had delivered 4,420 motorcycles (prev. yr. 3,080 units), a rise of 43.5 %. In May, 860 vehicles (prev. yr. 537 units) were delivered to the Husqvarna dealership network, 60.1 % more than in the same month of the previous year.