BMW Remote Valet Parking to unveil at CES, feature on next 7-Series?

The Munich based automaker will demonstrate a number of technologies at 2015 CES (between 6th and 9th January), which includes the scope of absolutely collision-free driving. This technology has gone deep enough to not only assist drivers prevent an accident, but also to take complete care of an autonomous car.

BMW i3 Remote Valet Parking Assistant 04 steering
Expect fully automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant to be offered in 2016 BMW 7-Series.
BMW’s 360 degree collision avoidance uses four advanced and high speed laser scanners that record the surroundings and feed into the computer. Obstacles such as other vehicles, trees or pillars in case of driving inside a parking structure will be identified. If the car is directly approaching an impediment, brakes are applied progressively to halt the car at least few centimetres away. When driver is sitting inside and steering the car away, brakes are gradually released upon continually estimating the probability of collision. This saves the day (or night) when poor visibility tries to surprise the motorists. This feature will be tested and validated on a BMW i3 soon, before incorporating in any other model.

Further, BMW will provide a fully-automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant system, which will enable the driver to leave the car at the entrance of a parking facility and enter Remote Valet mode in his smartwatch. The car will drive around the parking lot to find a suitable space and squat, while the master spends no more time away from his business. When he is ready to leave to the parking den, the RVP Assistant calculates the time required for him to reach the pickup point and drive the car there at exact time.