BMW self driving software: Robo car needs four sense and not a driver to drive down the autobahn (video)

Developers now have a BMW that self drives down the German Autobahn. The car doesn’t have any glaring parts that set it apart from a regular BMW 5 series vehicle, and comes fitted with a ‘four sense’ system. This includes cameras, radar, cameras, ultrasonics, and laser scanners. Project manager of Highly Automated Driving at BMW Group Research and Technology, Nico Kaempchen, had this to say. ‘The car takes over the entire task of driving… The driver doesn’t have to interfere at all.’ ‘The car obeys all traffic rules, it keeps going back to the right lane, never overtakes on the right and sticks to every speed limit – even if they are indicated on the sign gantries.’ ‘Our main challenge was to develop algorithms that can handle entirely new situations.’

The BMW robo-car doesn’t sacrifice on German efficiency and its four sense system functions with optimum efficacy on pre-designated freeways that the automaker has mapped. Accuracy is guaranteed down to the centimeter. Until now, such BMW robo cars have driven about 5,000kms on freeways using self driving software. In regards to development of the four sense system, tech designers first worked out just how people drive by resorting to a driving simulator.

Designers are constantly developing algorithms to handle new traffic situations. After proving to be reliable through tests, these vehicles were placed in real traffic to face a range of new challenges. While the four sense technology is working wonders, BMW didn’t fail to mention that at all times the driver is control and responsible. As per, the BMW robo-car won’t be available for another 10 to 15 years.