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BMW: The Jewel of Foreign Vehicles

BMW is a testament to hard work, dedication, and willpower to succeed no matter how hard history and time was to them. We can truly say that the BMW is the jewel of foreign vehicles, and should be treated as such.

Brief History of BMW

BMW was merged and formed in 1916 as an aircraft engine and motorcycle manufacturer. After World War II, BMW survived by selling pots, pans, and bicycles until 1948. They returned to motorcycle production and then their first automobile was released later in 1945. By the 1960s they were finally producing vehicles full time, however, their major production was still motorcycles.

In all, BMW faced a total of three crisis, and all three times survived and prospered. By 1963, with the company back on its feet, BMW offered dividends to its shareholders for the first time since World War II.

With this year’s sales figures not yet out, reports show that BMW held 15.1% of the U.S. Luxury Car Market in 2016.

Caring for a BMW

Even though many U.S. sold BMW’s are manufactured in America, all parts are made by the German standard. This makes the vehicle foreign, and as such, it needs to be serviced by someone in your neighborhood who knows how to handle your car; for example, if you live in Utah, Integrity First Auto Salt Lake City will take good care of your car. You can’t just take your precious BMW to the guy you know around the corner. It just won’t work out as well.
Having professionals with an expertise in foreign vehicles diagnosing your car and addressing your concerns is of the utmost importance when caring for your BMW.

Some things you can expect during your expert BMW servicing are:

• Factory-Level computer diagnostics, module coding, and reprogramming
• BMW Oil changes
• BMW Condition Based Service system) / BMW Inspection I and Inspection II services
• Transmission service / BMW Esso OEM Fluids
• BMW special engine coolant

Only a BMW licensed service professional is able to have access and knowledge to everything your BMW needs.

BMW Options

From Mini Coopers to sedans, and hybrids to fully electric vehicles, BMW has the best luxury cars you can imagine. They know and understand their client’s needs and have made the changes to show it. Whatever vehicle your heart desires you are bound to find it with BMW.

Let your hard work and place in society show. Treat yourself to a BMW. Whether you choose a classic like the BMW 700 or the brand new Series 5 – 520d, the luxury within the BMW brand is unlike any other.

Have a large family who loves to travel together? Dare to do so in the BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer. Take that road trip in complete luxury and style. With third row seating and plenty of cargo space, only speed is the limit.

Don’t be afraid to show your success. Enjoy it with your family and friends, take the BMW home as part of your family. You didn’t work hard all of these years for no reason. However, remember to take good care of your car and to only have it serviced by a foreign vehicle professional. Don’t let the jewel of foreign vehicles fall into the hands of the wrong people. You worked for the best, you bought the best, and it only deserves the best.

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