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BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car in context to Indian auto market

How or why the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car came to India isn’t as important as what it really means. For those who must know, the car had traveled the seven seas to be part of a film. While here, it obviously provided the opportune moment to be unveiled formally by the BMW team at the capital. Why the excitement and continuous buzz around the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car? For starters, here’s an auto genius that will even make non believers turn to take notice.

The unveiling in itself was a big event that was well attended, and saw German Ambassador to India Thomas Matussek, Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Praful Patel, and Dr. Andreas Schaaf, President, BMW India take center stage. When someone asked Dr. Andreas Schaaf about the concept’s pricing, the obvious answer highlighted the priceless quality of such a concept. To be seen in certain markets as the BMW i8 in about two years time, what does the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car mean to India.

Production of diesel and petrol  cars have been in tandem to Indian auto industry growth in recent years, and not only has that ensured that the middle class drive more cars, India has also steered clear of the ruthless recession. Now, what really is the scope of an electric vehicle, hybrid, or hybrid plugin in India? And no, we aren’t demanding that this timeless piece of engineering be launched because in reality that’s a far, far cry.

Let’s start at something simpler. The one electrical vehicle that India is familiar with is the Reva, and despite having been around for a while now, things are only just beginning to warm up after Mahindra associated with the Reva, and even then a comparative growth is nowhere near reality. So, what fails alternate fuelled vehicles in the Indian auto market? Would you blame the government for their non committal stance as far as active EV’s or alternate fueled vehicles are concerned, or are people simply not interested. Does this disinterest stem from the fact that their is no infrastructure support for an Indian EV or hybrid vehicle market, or are car manufacturers not doing enough to encourage the EV and hybrid car market around us. Until a lot of basic questions aren’t answered, and there’s no active dialog exchange between concerned parties to bring about implementation or change, possibilities look grim.

Well, BMW is certainly doing their bit. The company is working closely with the community and more than a 1000 students, and this involves more than 20 schools involved in such thought processes. Not bad for a company that began production in India only in 2007, and continues to talk about sustainability, while being a leader in the Indian premium auto segment. The question now is ‘Will the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car remain a concept for the Indian auto market for years to come?’ For now, a glimpse of the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car will leave you wanting more.

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