BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept Car unveiled in India by Dr Andreas Schaaf and Mr Praful Patel

Efficient Dynamics a concept car from auto makers BMW is a state of the art car of the future.  This 2×2 seater, depends on BMW ActiveHybrid technology to register numbers that are comparable to a sports car performance.

At a height of 1.24 meters, and drag co-efficient of 0.22 cd, it logs fuel consumption of 3.76 ltrs/100 km. Being low on fuel consumption and high on performance ensures that the car is crafted to exhilarate and set the pace with precision and pedigree.

Efficient CO2 emissions with aerodynamic competence, and it’s sleek and glossy exteriors will never go unnoticed.  The company speaks about the latest brake energy regeneration system to take care of charging the 98 lithium polymer batteries. BMW Vision EfficientDynamics is the most widespread accomplishment of EfficientDynamics values thus seen. The vehicle achieves a maximum speed limited upto 155 mph with acceleration to 100 km per hour in 4.8 seconds.

The car also possesses an efficient air vent control system and thermostatic generator.  This vehicle beats all other vehicles in this category as it possesses an emission rating of 50 grams per km.

EfficientDynamics from BMW promises to be a show stealer and a must have for those who believe in style and comfort as so expense is being spared by the company to create heaven on earth.  Classic interiors and exteriors, the company has left no stone unturned to create this marvel. This vehicle is geared for the ardent auto enthusiast but an agonizing wait is predicted as the concept will only make it to the market in 2013 as the future the future BMW i8.

Pure driving pleasure and fuel efficient EfficientDynamics from BMW on show at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009 gave the world a glimpse of its winning combination of supremacy and presentation combining its 3 cylinder turbo diesel engine with an electric motor on each axle.  Overall output of 356 horsepower and peak torque of 590 lb/ft, and the combination of two motors and diesel engine permits an all wheel drive resulting in minimum usage of power and efficient transmission. BMW certainly conquered a milestone when it introduced the Vision Efficient Dynamics, a car of the future.