New photos of BMW Vision Next 100 concept emerge

BMW continues to celebrate its centenary year by showcasing its futuristic concept at key cities across the world. The BMW Vision Next 100 concept is now in China to attend the Beijing Auto Show and will soon visit UK and USA. Here is a set of new images of the concept.

The Vison Next 100 previews a future autonomous vehicle which will continue to offer driving pleasure at the flick of a switch. The operator can choose to take control of the car anytime and can opt between Boost and Ease modes. The car will change its configurations according to the drive mode selected.

BMW Vision Next 100 concept new photos
The concept demonstrates the possibility of an autonomous car which still offers driving pleasure in manual mode.

The concept is bestowed with a stretchable front bodywork, a comprehensive suite of Artificial Intelligence which does away with infotainment display and projects all the information on the windscreen. Needless to say, the concept car is packed with a plethora of assistance systems that are aimed at offering an intense driving experience (if the users chose manual driving mode that is).

BMW Vision Next 100 concept new photos
An AI system replaces the digital displays and projects info on the windshield.

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Visually, the BMW Vision Next 100 concept features illuminated kidney grille, narrow twin LED headlamps, scissor doors, drag reduction wheels and a low slung two-door coupe body style.