BMW water injection engine unveiled on board 1 Series prototype

BMW water injection engine has been showcased on board a 1 Series prototype. The 1.5-litre Twin Power turbo petrol motor which is rated at 218 PS is claimed to produce 10% more power and reduced emission owing to its water injection technology.

BMW Water injection engine technology (4) plenum chamber cross section-001
Fine spray of water in intake manifold absorbs heat and evaporates, thereby reducing combustion temperatures considerably for improved thermal efficiency.

The clever technology injects a fine spray of water inside the engine’s intake manifold plenum chamber where it absorbs thermal energy from the vicinity and evaporate, reducing the combustion temperature in the engine by up to 25 degree Celsius in the process. BMW says that the cooling effect provided by water reduces temperatures sufficiently to prevent any need to inject additional fuel while operating at full throttle or at very high engine speeds.

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The water injection technology for the 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine is claimed to offer significant reduction in fuel consumption. While BMW 1 M Sport MotoGP safety vehicle with water injection technology uses a 5-litre water reservoir in its boot that needs to be topped up regularly, 1 Series prototype eliminates the reservoir and continuously recovers condensed water from air conditioning system.

BMW Water injection engine technology (1) 1 Series prototype
Water required for the process is recovered continuously from the car’s air conditioning system..

The impressive water injection engine technology from BMW has a huge potential in making engines more efficient and we hope the company soon optimizes it for use in road cars.